Tamar…(Hebrew Scriptures)

Tamar…(Hebrew Scriptures)


It was so simply stated—

YOU had the courage to say, “NO.”

You shouted, but to him, it did not matter.
His desire, his lust, his ‘ego’—
It was ONLY what he wanted.

You were willing—
Pleaded you did to go about it in a
‘moral’ way.  What is moral?

Long ago morals seemed not to matter.

Is it really different today, TAMAR?

Your voice echoes through the smallest, tiniest cracks.
After years, centuries, millenniums
your voice heard…NO.

It is a voice for our children frightened
to say, “You cannot do this to me.”
“You’re hurting me.”

‘”Take back all your gifts.”
“Don’t use my family’s poverty as a bait to keep me
silent and allow abuse to go on and on disguised

Tamar, you lived a desolate life.
You could have brought to life so much while you lived—

Now we can celebrate YOU.

Woman, unafraid to speak—your sisters and, yes
your brothers, hear YOU!
“How can one not speak about war, poverty, and inequality when people who suffer from these afflictions don’t have a voice to speak?”
—Isabel Allende

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