The BIG ‘c’hurch

The BIG ‘c’hurch

Every step
and the ones taken in between
each known ‘footprint’
has been guided by
an unnamed source
leading me
to the BIG church.

Its cathedral ceilings
are peaks
packed in snow thousands
of inches thick.

A choir master lets loose
an avalanche.
A surge of crescendos
tumbles down, down, down…
a symphony in time
never to be heard in this
way again
AND then the choir
unleashes another rumble.

The pews spread outward—
miles upon miles of rolling meadows.
Oceans and riverbeds…submerged,
when the moon
caresses the chalice it is holding—
earth’s most precious blood.

The altar—the table
is wherever the sojourner stops…
breaking bread, giving thanks.
The tiny forest creatures
gather seeking the crumbs that hide
between every
blade of grass.

When the sun, an eternal candle,
finds its opening
through the unframed windows,
its flame ignites places
waiting to be revealed—
even if no one SEES.
Rejoicing goes on ‘in’ this church
because it cannot NOT

Its doorway has no locks—
it is never closed…
it lives by the seasons~~~
always changing
never the same
open for all.

No dogmas
No rituals
No sacrifice.

This church is in constant

This church
This BIG church is in relationship
with the stars above
and the secret core bubbling inside
earth’s inner being.

It is in this ‘tabernacle’ the
HEART beats
—it has always been beating…

in chaos
in calm.

This BIG church
stands erect.

Upon her the lives of many
linger day to day
sometimes forgetting ALL that
is offered EVERY moment.

Those who have much
paint images of a church
of their own making…

While those with
‘little,’ often referred to as ‘pagan,’
give thanks for
THIS church—
This BIG church.
They pause
knees bent, arms raised
offering thanks & adoration.

In this BIG church
the service NEVER ends.

Its invitation—simple.
“Come—follow me.”

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