The Book of Life

The Book of Life

Is your name written in
the Book of Life?

Why, of course, it is!
If you think it NOT
Start writing!

If you think you cannot
write, begin putting your
pen or pencil to a piece
of paper and let
whatever words spill out
fill the sheet WAITING—

Draw your name!
What, you cannot draw?
Then paint, use ink…
squash a blueberry
and smear its juices
every which way.

Laugh, loudly—
Sing your name into
the Book!
You don’t believe you
have a voice?
Shout then—yes,
at the top of
your lungs—

Yes, proclaim your name.
Don’t worry if you
wake ‘someone.’

Maybe you’ll ‘awaken’
them enough
to help them
to dance.

Yes dance—
Dance your name
into the book
…think you
cannot dance?
By ‘goodness’
then waltz or
better yet, break dance.

Your name
is in the Book
called Life.

If you don’t
believe it
creating it
and trust~~~
You’ll Appear.

You always have been.


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