The Bridge of Life…

The Bridge of Life

at the many
bridges in your life…

Where is it you stand?
What have your
crossings been like?

Are you at a
no idea how far
its end?
So much beyond
your sights?

Perhaps you’re in
the bridge’s ‘middle’—
you feel its sway…
you trust its movements…
you’ve grounded your steps.
Still, you’re not stuck.

You move
looking back with a smile…
laughing to yourself,
thinking inwardly,
recalling your initial thoughts,
“How will I ever get
across THIS?”

You’re not at the end
BUT, it is nearer
than before…
Why is it we sometimes
fear endings?

Truly, they are
resurrection moments…
are they not?

How can we not see
what the seasons have taught us—
year after year after year…

The WAIT of winter
The BLOSSOMS of spring
The FULLNESS of summer
and then the FALL.

Are you nearing
a new bridge?
Do you have a sense it’s time
to get off?

Are you ready for the
or will you hold on
to these rails?

It’s easier, yes—
because it’s familiar
as are the many faces
crossing with you.

BUT, maybe it’s
your time
to trust
to cross.

You’ve done it before—
you know you have.

Believe in you.
the bridge awaits—
is it your beginning
or is it your end?

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