The Dreaming Wanderer

The Dreaming Wanderer

A lonely dawn
awakened the dreaming wanderer
while drops of rain
spattered along the window’s sill.

Lying ever so still
steeped in each ‘pounding’ drop
my heart began
to follow rhythmically the flowing
cadence spilling down from above.

I cupped my hands
as if in prayer
and imagined
a slide~~~the waters
rolling and rolling until
they met the creases of my lips
and I began to drink
of heaven’s pool.

I did not realize how
thirsty I was—
or perhaps I did.

I drank and drank
like a drunken fool
inebriated, yet
longing for more.

It was alright to stop.
I was bathed in silence—
letting-go of so very
many letting go’s.

Holding on…
no more—
All is as it is meant
to be even if the
meaning has no true

I stare out
the window.
A branch dangles
wet in wonder.
It does not ask, “When
will the sun come out to
dry our leaves?”

it cups its branches as it
sips the liqueur pouring

and surrenders
filling only this

The hallowed ground
its Mother—

and my spirit
sinks her roots further
into her eternal dwelling.




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  1. Vivian Blair
    Vivian Blair says:

    Gracias, por el presente! Dearest One, I am blessed with this gift of “presence”,,,, in spanish the word means gift as well as present!!!!!
    I embrace you with the perfume that emanates from reading these words and smile with joyfulness…..hugsof love


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