The Flame

The Flame

A flickering candle
sets a blaze
to a hidden place.

The silence
attempts to
draw the light

while an unexpected
rush of air
moves the wick
ever so slightly.

Now the flame
is a whirl…

An attempt to breathe—
a desire to sit and be.

A moment of STILLNESS…
again, a wisp of air
‘swirling’ the secret place within.

Finding rest…
it is ALL prayer—

THIS is the grace of BEING


a pool of wax
drips down.

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  1. Prof Dillman
    Prof Dillman says:

    Nice poem — The Flame. Great photo, too. Christmas greetings to you, Sandra. May rich blessings from Christ the Lord come winging your way, and may this Christmas season be a time for you to rejoice and rest in the assurance of Salvation!!

    Spring Arbor misses you! (Check out the SAU website.)

    Prof D.


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