The Gallery

The Gallery

One by one
dangling like stockings
from a mantle

each ‘image’ casting
shadows in between flames
filling a room
with warmth, wonder & awe.

Messages poured out
on paper
—no words.

The creator
sits on the floor
head bowed.

Sheets with endless
prints strewn around—
pencils, pens littered
like a tool box
tipped over

each instrument a jewel
—setting what will be made

The silent soul
sitting in the gallery
gazes a moment…
—a solitary tear
—a pause of gratitude.

The space holding
the pieces~~~
A Universe of Stars.

Many have stopped
and ‘stared’
a kaleidoscope of expressions—

When the gallery’s door closes,
the artist rises
sets a few more logs
on the fire.

If you are lucky enough to peer
through the window~~~
the images come to life

so, too, the one with the
pen in hand.

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