The moment of birth…

The moment of birth…

the wide expanse
of a sunrise

Is it enough?

Everyday, casting warmth
even if hidden
behind an array of bundled clouds

Is that enough?

Birth…it is ongoing

leaving the safety of
a comforting cave, my mother’s womb.

Life pulses
amidst airstrikes:
bombardments of advertisements
offering more, More, MORE!

Enough already!!!

Beating to the rhythms,
~~~moments of birth
 guiding us back to
the comfort of the dark cave.

Success, recognition, honors,
all the fan-fare, the ribbons,
the golden certificates!

Not nearly enough!

One exhale of breath
releases what once seemed so relevant.

The inhale~~~
lungs expand.

Kindness, gratitude, forgiveness
of a self
alive in a moment
mindful of the disparities


Open hands, a heart beat softens
~~~bringing to the world what I am
able and unable      unto death.

And then, birth…

Yes, Mother Earth cradles us in
the ‘rubble’ of her womb
Written and inspired under the wise tutelage of June S. Gould,  Ph.D.

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