The Page

The Page


It has been a while…

I have heard you…

Each of your words
a string of pearls.

I am held in your ‘gaps’…

The pauses you have
discovered are far from ‘breaks’
in the middle of your sentences.

Your paragraphs ‘hold’ mysteries
one can only digest.

The pages upon which you are writing—
how I chuckle when they turn
themselves when
you turn away

—to gaze at a flower
—to listen to the water
drape over a bed of rocks
—to reach for a cloud’s puffy tail…
for long moments you are whisked away
holding this dragon’s tail
launching you into wonderlands.

I watch you soaring over treetops,
mountain ranges draped in the
purest snows…

you let-go sliding upon angels’ wings—
Aha, AND I thought
them simple snow mounds.

A school of fish leaps from the
water—naturally, you dive
right in!

Drenched in such delight, you

Once again, the tail dangled in
time—you reached as it launched
you into a sky of blue satin…

Ahead, a hawk extends her
feathered arms…
you took hold and I saw you flying…

In your eyes I saw,
I beheld your WONDER.

I knew it would be time
before ‘ink’ met me, on this page.

Your story
yes, your story—
Even when the ink dries,
will go on…

Look…I see the ‘tail’
coming.  You are reaching
already—this chapter
far from over!

How long will you be gone THIS time?

Matters not—

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