The Path

The Path

I don’t wish to
travel your path—

Don’t misunderstand me…
It’s ‘your’ path—
Your truth—
Your good—
Press on.

Let me have my path.
Let me create my
footprints in the sand—
I don’t wish to walk
in yours—NEVER did.

You go on
inviting others
but not to find ‘their’ way—
but, yours.

let us all take our
own ‘steps’ even if
we should fall again
and again—
give permission to allow
others to stand
on their own…

Then we can all discover
we are on the same
path and walking
that is led by
no one except
what calls all
beings/all things
into existence…

Ushering in the
harmony of peace
even in
chaotic and
uncertain times.

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