The Sacrament of Story

The Sacrament of Story

Your story is a living
breathing sacrament—

Infused with grace
and abounding in mystery.

Yes—your story is like no
other—no ‘one’s’ story is
the same as yours.

All the chapters—
even if filled with
run-ons, fragments…
belong to you
the author of your life.

Perhaps in your beginnings
you did not have your
own choice—

paths were paved or not
paved for you.

Some roads you may
savor while others you
wish you could forget—
still—they have made you
who you are…

it is your story—
your sacrament called Life.

Keep writing to fill your pages
and yes, even if you
don’t write—create
your story the way you
want it to play out…

it may not come
out the way you planned
or in the time you hoped.

BUT, trust the pen is in
your hand—
unless you choose to
give it to another, or
another holds you

Write on—write the
invisible, unspoken lines.

I’m told there are only
seven sacraments.  Well—
six for a specific gender…

I’d say there is not
a precise number…
sacraments are too numerous
to count.

Each life is a living
sacrament—every living,
breathing being
IS sacrament…

a story coming to life
dying only to
re-birth itself
again and again.

Truly there are not enough
pages to hold
the story of Life.

Yours, mine—all
ONE innumerable

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  1. Fran Dornan
    Fran Dornan says:

    Thanks Sandra. A beautiful reality for anytime really, but especially for the new year I think! A happy and blessed New Year of life to you!

  2. Jill Blovits
    Jill Blovits says:

    Sandy-I found out about your website through somebody posting it on Facebook. What a wonderful surprise! This is absolutely beautiful.
    Warm wishes on a chilly day from a former fellow Muffit I girl.


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