The Summit

The Summit

I climbed a mountain—
finally reaching the top.

No, not the top of the mountain—
but, yes—the zenith upon
which I was meant to arrive.

My eyes beheld all that was
around me
and all around me beheld
the one standing in its midst.

We were so at One—
there was no distinction
in our being.

Truly, there was never a
moment of arrival—
it was as if it
ALWAYS had been.

I don’t remember
or recall beginning—
I was not here.

Or, was I?

When I was not trying
to understand “nothingness”…

I WAS—as were You.

Now…in search
of meaning—arriving seems
almost daily.

The summit…
we are always
upon it—
if we can ‘see’
without standing
on its peak.

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