The Untamed

The Untamed

A mist blankets
the ground
and a breath
mixes with every
visible droplet.

One solid hoof step
beats upon the earth.
A sound like thunder—
the dirt joining
the elements
dangling in the air.

A single grunt—
a young one comes
awkward in its
its mouth
reaching her mother’s nipples
to suckle the milk.

The majestic creature—
a solid mass of
sculpted as if
Michelangelo still exists.

Engraved into creation
‘she’ eats of the
fertile plains—
Mother Earth providing
so she can give
sustenance to the
one who sprang from
her womb.

Pray we learn.
Hope we are listening.
The ‘wild’ teaches.
The untamed grasp
the reality of Life’s Abundance.

Look in her eyes.
She trusts what is
while greed devours
the gift of the land.

Let us not lose what
little we have left
or else our ending
will discover NEW meaning
with or without us.

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