Think Positively

Think Positively

O.K.—who has not
heard the phrase “think positively?”
Or—used it?

we need to
stop ‘thinking.’

We use the phrase so
readily, but we are not
in the shoes of the
one whose negativity
may have a lesson
to teach.

Negativity has been given
a bad rap…
The same as darkness
has taken on the root of

In all things there is
‘some-thing’ that can
be learned.

Have you ever noticed
that the so called
‘positive’ persons
are so frightened to
touch the wounds of
another because then
they’d have to face

So we run from
our shadows—
distorting them…
pretending not to
see ourselves.

We certainly
identify in others
the selves we would
never confess to

Positive, Negative—
find the balance
because when you finally
believe you’ve
‘got’ one down,
it’s only then you realize
you have to go back
to the other.

The scale is broken
when the weight of
one side cannot be
in harmony
with the silent

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