This Garden

This Garden

In a garden—
I tread lightly
every footstep placed—just so!

The path between all that
and beckoned me…’come, come!’

Walking, I held
the fragrances—far too many
to name.

Intoxicating, the blends
but not at all overwhelming or

I pressed on…
often times I knew my soles
crunched upon a place I was
not meant to step…
or perhaps I was?

My eyes captured a yellow rose in
the distance—
its beauty lured me like no other—

I rushed to meet ‘this’
elegant flower…

I stumbled—
I fell…

Is this supposed to happen in the garden?

I reached the place—the bush
ignited with soft petals.

I crawled on my knees
until I finally arrived at the
standing bouquet lit like the sun…

BUT…what I noticed were
the thorns.

The ‘blood’ of the piercings in my
life dripped from the pools of my heart…

The thorns seemed to ‘seep’
them inward.

Then—as if pulled—
My ‘roots’ trusting the ground
they found themselves in…I rose.

Life’s trials, moments one could
never plan for—these are what
have allowed me to blossom.

ALIVE in this Garden

I’m home in Eden…
Really—I never left.
Its soils have always been
the place I call HOME.

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