Tiny creatures are wondrous and plentiful

Tiny creatures are wondrous and plentiful

Often unseen

‘Some’ give persons the ‘creeps.’

Is that where the expression
creepy crawlers comes from?

There are those who would blot them out
 given the chance
—certainly not thinking
of their use, purpose or splendor.

On a summer’s night,
go out into the woods…

Give yourself time to pause
and listen…

Listen to the 
hid-den orchestra, the joyous choir
rubbing wings creating sounds
that cannot be duplicated.

There are no written sheets of music
they cling to
—they sing, they play what is
from them simply because
it IS from within them.

Simple, eloquent and yes, indeed beautiful.

The colors of some creatures ‘uncanny.’
Delicate spots, revealing stripes
and, when they gather together, they
can be the equivalent of the crowds
that gather in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

They consume fields, gardens and they desire
the sweetest essence of
the ripest fruits.

Tiny creatures—
they are wondrous

yes, plentiful
designed as

a part of the 
we call

The Universe.

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  1. Ann Pawlik
    Ann Pawlik says:

    I really like this one, Sandy. Too often we see or hear that reaction of “Eww, bugs,…” and can be so quick, too quick, to underestimate the creature’s purpose in the grand scheme of creation. Then, there are the “stompers” that like to obliterate and “rub out” those creatures they’ve found offensive. I am of the opinion that if it’s not hurting me, I’m not hurting you mentality.
    I also really liked this for another reason,…I used to watch several very cute children’s shows with my grandson which had very endearing characters. The one I am thinking of in particular, protrays a sweet little grasshopper playing a fiddle as other little creatures float down a stream in seed pod boats. I just loved this whimsical portrayal of what we often think of “creepy crawlies” and this image came to mind immediately as I read today’s piece. Sending love and light!

    • Sandy
      Sandy says:

      “Eww, bugs”…You had me laughing right at the start!!!
      Thank you for sharing such a wondrous message…
      Your grandson is so blessed to have a ‘Creepy-Crawler’ Grandma.(stated in the kindest way)
      I’m feeling your love & light and reflecting it back!
      Blessings Soul Sister


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