To Thirst

To Thirst

Their dangled arms
weighted down with stardust
which fell from
the center of the ‘eye’
adrift in the heavens.

One batted lash
after another
released a storm.
As the particles passed
beyond ozone layers—
they pooled through
gravity’s open door…

Tasting the frigidity of winter air…
each tiny speck blossomed
into an eloquent snowflake…
its single purpose


Now, held in the numerous branches
of the towering trees
each crystal formation…


In the weeks to come
it shall drink until it is full
trusting its parched limbs never
to understand what it
means to THIRST.

Oh, to hold
when needed—
AND, let-go…
just when_________.

The Seasons—
so many lessons
each year…
Another reason
‘for’ growing into ALL
that is.

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