I’ve heard spoken—
In fact, I’ve listened, and

Was it really TRUTH?

I believe it was
but, a cloud appeared
over the ones who
spoke of YOU.

I believed them.
But, when I sat
with them they
were not ‘living’ TRUTH.

I ran away—
Yes, I moved on as
far as I could.

ALWAYS, truth seemed
around me…
cradling me…
calling me back…

Letting me know—
TRUTH is never easy


once it is out
you can no longer go
back to what was.

Truth has a way of
setting you apart.

It disturbs others…
their ‘perfect worlds.’

They conjure up
all kinds of reasons
separate from truth
and yet—in its name.

Their busy lives—
Their ‘group’—
why they’d betray
their kind if they
acknowledged the truth—
they’d be set ‘out’—EXILED.

Truth does set one
it helps one to see

with greater clarity

that in truth
we are not
so far apart.


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