I understand
that I do not understand
much of anything.

I walk in the early
part of the day
trying to quiet my

It rustles..this mind of mine,
until the wind
picks up blowing it

As the sun pierces
the dawn,
a solitary flower
lifts its head…
it needs nothing.
Its only understanding
is to RISE
even if ONLY
this day.

The soft hooves of the doe beat
on the delicate earth
and her young nibble upon its
soft grasses.

They seem to understand
it is a new day
and they go about
with doing what must be done
or left undone.

A storm approaches.
The sky rapidly
the only thing to
understand is to settle
in, settle down.

I’m able to find the
comfort in a sturdy
while the environment
in which I’m enraptured
swirls, holding on
with roots dug deep.

Leaves pulled—some
hang on, hang in
while others tossed,
displaced, removed
but they seem to understand it was
simply time—
time to go
and become part of
something NEW.

These days
so much seems to be
NEW and I understand
until once again a new
understanding presents

I’m becoming an EXPLORER
of Meaning.

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