“God, God…”
This, a name
shouted in the
frigid night.

“God” (Perhaps you, too
have called except
by a different name).
God…a word taught
to me from
my youth.

For so long I sought,
waited, longed for
and I cried out all
the more…”God.”

Now, a rush of
blustery wind
sweeps the ‘word’
I desperately seek…
“Come, come” but
instead ‘God’
vanishes like a
feather caught in
the wind.

I, now, fall to my
knees laughing.
Yes, laughing.

I have become
as if drunk—
intoxicated by
this name that has
for I have discovered
you in every living being.

I am drenched in love
frozen and still warmed
by God’s disappearance.

You have vanished into
Even what cannot be
seen~~~ I see.

Are you laughing
with me?

Go out…out
‘into’ the temple
where creation exists.

Catch your breath
call out a name…
Pray it vanishes—
Everything you once

Now—you are free
only to Love.


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  1. Ann Pawlik
    Ann Pawlik says:

    I really like this poem, friend. I have been reading a lot about Ignatian spirituality, and this piece of writing reminds me of that. I need to see God’s face in EVERYTHING. I need to experience the sacred in the ordinary reality that is my life.
    I especially like the photo accompanying your poem. It reminds me of the famous piece called Footprints “for that is when I carried you.” But it also reminds me that God does not walk ahead of me, or behind me, but WITH me on this journey called life.


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