I’ve walked within forests
traveled upon rivers
with foaming white waters—
I’ve reached mountain tops
spreading my arms
like eagle wings
and I’ve savored desert floors
where the vapor in the air
my only morsel of water—
I’ve danced under a bed of stars
the moon lighting the stage
beneath my feet.
It is in these places I know
I AM home.


I’ve been to the market places—
the fast pace…
the hustle & bustle
of business…(in its many disguises).
Noises echoed off the walls—
music is played—still, not a
single word heard in
the clamor.
I’m caught ‘in’ the moment
like a rabbit in a snare.

AND, I’m rescued by the ones
least expected…
the ones who
amidst their own weariness
STOP to help.

I observe the passerby
too involved checking off
lists of what to buy…
no time to HELP
or too BLIND to
in front of them (why should
they worry or be involved?!)

I want to run
back to the dusty roads—
the rolling meadows.

But, I’m in this
valley where the shadow
of death looms…
adds up its daily earnings
watching the DOW rise and
plummet in the market

—it CASHES in

while solitary workers
show up for his/her shifts
running a few moments
behind because they just
punched the clock from
their other jobs…

For THIS week—
they pray they have enough.
They go without
and are grateful for what is.

Who really is teaching whom?

I’m here in this
present place…the chill of winter
fills the air
with an EXHALE of care.

I STILL have so much
to learn
and silently

Mindful of Life—
spirit’s” presence
in every breath


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  1. Sarah Fahy
    Sarah Fahy says:

    You’ve once again caught the moment! May this solstice day bring you new light in this luminous darkness and may Christmas joy fill your heart.



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