Step after step—
At times a path clear
visible, well marked.

there are roads—
unlike paved roads
where there is no distinct way.

No signs
expressing bear right or left—
merge or stop!

I suppose these have
become the more comfortable
paths for me—those that
are unmarked…yielding an
array of wonder.

The trails of life
that seemed to guide me for so long
“No longer feel fit for travel.”

I have lightened my
load and there is
more of which to rid myself.

Sometimes—I hold on
just for the sake of it.

All the items in the pack
I carry—the appropriate books,
notes from all the ‘right’
lectures, conferences,

Well, let us say they are
‘dissolving’ as an
unknown guide
reveals to my heart
that which I cannot explain.

I am no longer certain I
even desire to share
THIS way I am discovering?
(Yet—I am writing this to YOU the reader)

I do not wish my words to become a ‘product’—
a means for material gain or
personal recognition.

I am walking and
while this may not be making much sense
to you…
Be assured
it is not completely clear to me…

AND yet, it is!

It is no longer about
‘believing’ in some-THING

in this unknowing,
my steps are KNOWN by
“One” paving the landscapes.

My ‘soles’ touch the earth
and those footprints left
behind unfold the story

writing itself.

Inside of my being
there is a beacon…

an invitation
NOT to arrive.

No longer is it necessary
to ‘SEE’ the course.

Each day I
simply LIVE
even when
a disturbance in the
path ceases
travel as usual.

The pauses, the ‘breaks,’
the disruptions…the landslides

they are
the ‘shapers’ of
THIS soul…

I AM following—
at least trying

the design
etched for me.

For now, I walk on.


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