“I’m melting”…
No, not like that infamous
line from the green ghoul

I’m melting…
so many years
the wax spilling over
the edge of the

The light of my life
no longer at its

I’m learning to shine
in ‘newer’ ways.

Perhaps even
than when I was
casting a glow
that was reflected
back at me
from one person to another.

A solitary light
burns in my being—
so intense
is its flame

that I believe
when all the wax
has melted on the

‘NO-THING’ will
extinguish the
pool of endless
waning wax
that is illuminated
without even
a flicker.

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  1. Ann
    Ann says:

    I love this poem! At this stage of my life, I am realizing that the WISDOM of years is giving me a sense of “freedom.” Does that make sense? My light does still shine in new and exciting ways…I feel free to take some risks that perhaps I would not have taken before. And it is easier to speak my mind (not rudely, mind you) with a vision of life that I could not have had in my younger years, a vision that has become clearer with time and experiences. Thank you for this, dear friend.
    Much love,


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