What I Need…Love, me

What I Need…Love, me

As soon as I
learned of You,
I asked, “Bring us together.”

It seemed the more
I pleaded—the
further the divide became.

I attempted to
bridge the divide—
fortunately, my idea
did not come to fruition…
if it had, I am uncertain
how these words
would have written themselves.

I have come to
realize or accept
‘coming-together’ was not
in Your plan…
At least, the way I needed
it to take place.

So, I simply do not
ask anything of You
anymore…how is that for persistence?

Don’t get me wrong…
Please, do not read this

All I know is
You are there—
You are constant.

I do not need much else.

I know You are love!
How? You are not something
I can put into words.

Because of that—that
love…that is You
I try to pass it on the way designed for me.

Often I have been
blessed by the recipients
of my love.
Truly—it is in giving that
we receive.

It is difficult
when those whom you would long
to share it with MOST
—envy you
—spew untruths
—harm those you love
because they love you.

This is a short autobiography of my life.

My life so full
—graces ‘unfolding’
beyond my ability to see.

I do not need

Because—I know
You are there.

Photo taken by Lisa Marie Teubel walking a shared path on England’s Coast to Coast Trail

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    • Sandy
      Sandy says:

      What YOU see in me is a reflection of YOU…
      I hope to share the journey with you in person…
      BUT in the meantime I hope you’ll enjoy pieces of my journal in 2018:)


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