What IF…

What IF…

What IF the stories
are TRUE?

What IF a mere child—
a girl with a name
we know as Mary
WAS overshadowed
by ‘some-thing’ other
THAN a man.

What IF she bore
a child…
not even she could

What IF—
Water really was turned to wine?
And baskets were filled
with leftovers…
some little boy (nameless) gave
the last fish he had—
NOW everyone ate
and was FULL.

What IF
these miracles TRUE?

Perhaps, then
might come true
the words…
“You, too, shall do
even greater things than these.”

The deaf could hear—
The blind could see—
A leper cleansed—
A hemorrhage ceased—
A prostitute ‘touched’ so 
she would know she’s loved— 

What IF
we looked closely
and realized
these daily miracles
go on

By persons
who daily whisper…
“Don’t tell anyone”

What IF?

Blessed Winter Solstice

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