What if

What if…

What if all the
streaming bodies of water
came from the tears
of those whose lives

fashioned the earth

What if they cried until the
depth reached fathoms
too deep to measure

What if their flow created
the majestic waterfalls
that, to this very day,
spill over
with a power and strength
that truly comprehends grace

What if we ‘plunged’
into these ‘baths’
of hot springs
mindful of their beginnings
cherishing their mystery
honoring the holy drops

and then, perhaps shed a few
of our own and recognize
our ‘Oneness’ in and through the other.


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  1. Susan
    Susan says:

    Yes…what if??? Then we will have accepted God’s invitation to open our hearts and let Him in….what if?…then, we make ourselves vulnerable to His ongoing creations….what if? Then, would not the world be a different place? this stirs lots of emotion and activates the openness of one’s mind. Loved it..What if…………………………..?


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