When I look within the Heart

When I look within the Heart

I listen for the sound
—there it is
beating softly.

I close my eyes
hearing the rhythmic melody
playing itself.

I am lured
like a fish drawn to bait.
I swim holding the moment
because it seeks not to be captured.

Eyes opened.
I see into the Heart
—it is a tree
with thousands of branches.

Invited into this Heart space
 gifted am I,
with vast encounters
widening the wonders
through Seasons.

I have seen the Heart barren
—its nakedness
raw, humble, allowing stretch marks,
creating more room for growth.

The Heart of the tree blossoms,
tiny intricate buds, delicate
decadent delights
waiting, waiting, waiting
to unfold.

Then, when the Sun holds
the sky in its fullness
like millions of ballerinas upon an 
invisible stage,
their footsteps,
as they dangle from stems.

Coming full circle,
the beating
Heart reaches its ending.

The tree’s leaves
turn into an ice-cream
parlor of plentiful flavors:
orange sherbet, rainbow red,
banana foster and mint green
chocolate chip.

Whisked away,
the wind
carries the melody—
the leaves
fall behind


the Heart
grows expanding love’s

beginning over once again.

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