Whooo Said…

Whooo said…

Who said one must color in between the lines?
Did they ever really take the time to look
up into the sky dancing with magical creatures
in the puffy white clouds~

Who said one must sleep during the night
and miss the splendor of the darkness
and the stars shooting across a sea of
blanketed velvet glass?

Who said the deepest truths and mysteries
in life have all been discovered?
Was ‘anyone’ really there when all
matter was formed, when energy flowed
in directions that never moved in any
way other than everywhere and nowhere?

Who said the first ‘breath‘ of life
was experienced by a human?
They’ve never seen a flower push its way through a solid rock and
blossom like it is the only thing
existing in this very moment.

Whooo said, ‘Owls’ only come
out at night?
Certainly not I…

I may not be as wise as
our ‘feathered friend’—
Yet, we can all reach for the moon.

Who said it has not already reached us
and ‘touched’ us with its magnificent GLOW.

Who said, “All things are Possible…”
Who said

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  1. Susan
    Susan says:

    I loved the poem!! ONLY with God, are all things possible. This was truly an inspiring poem for me. It touched the educational and spiritual components of my being….this is a day to thank our Creator…for making all things possible through Him….Yes, I do believe Who said……

  2. Kdb518
    Kdb518 says:

    Color between the lines- took me right back to kindergarten when my teacher told me to go back and fix my color page because I had drawn outside the lines, in my little kid brain I remember thinking -how can I fix it if it’s finished. I think I have spent a lot of time listening to the wrong “who” Thanks for your constant unfolding –I always learn something when I am around you. KB


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