Why I walk


Why I Walk

Two legs—

Wings lifting me.

Two legs have carried me across grasslands,
wet forests, snow covered mountains, gravel dirt paths,
over bridges, bustling roadways, baked dry sands,
puddled paths where drops of rain
soaked my Soul leaving me drenched with wonder.
Inviting me to step, to step again and again.

My breath—
a rhythm, a cadence, a meditation, a rosary with beads.

A sole touches ground—each decade need not be counted.

The ground…an altar.
Incense rising.
Song birds, the choir, how can they keep from singing?

It is why I walk.

How can I not step when the doorway



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    • Sandy
      Sandy says:

      Welcome to OneSingleDrop Joanne…
      I’m so delighted your walking friend shared THIS post with you!
      Filled with gratitude for your kind words…
      Walk On


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