Why not drop mussels instead of bombs







Why not drop mussels instead of bombs

We sat by the sea
a friend and I
delighting as the tide rolled out.

The smell of salt
and the wind in our hair
set the stage for the
performance soon to begin.

They hovered in flight—
the gulls dancing as if
dangling from a string.

Then, with one fluent motion,
they submerged with a splash
re-emerging with delicate morsels
clutched in their beaks.

Back into the sky they flew with
glee, but ‘ahhhhh’ it is here
the climax begins.

Over the rocks the gulls hovered
to drop their dainty treasures—
then, fluttering down to the table
they gathered to feast.

A banquet in hand…
astonished, I stared—
how simple a lesson
is shared.

We humans think we have all the
answers.  I chuckle as
I wonder who really has the brains.

Imagine—instead of dropping bombs
from the sky, we dropped
savoring mussels.

Imagine feeding countless with
morsels of food instead of
leaving countless dead.

Imagine spending monies skimming the sea
to feed the hungry instead of spending
millions on endless weaponry.

Before closing my eyes at the end of
the day, I thought of my friends
in the air…
God, if we only took time to
see what began before you
created us ‘humans,’
we’d savor the values of life
and all of creation’s constant





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