With This Ring

With This Ring

I was pulled 
like a magnet.

The light, a burning flame.
My eyes could not turn away.

I was blinded,
yet, I could see
a ring around the sun.

The ring, a kaleidoscope of

My eyes blinked and blinked
like a set of windshield wiper blades
trying to clear what
was before me.

I was held in this circle.
A Gospel, without words.
A creation story revealed
EVERY day.

No beginning, no ending.
An eternal ‘I Do’ wedding me
to this life.

This life inviting me to a wedded Union
with all things Good.

Woven into this circle,
the colors fading
yet, not away.
The colors faded
‘into’ me.

I felt a wedded bliss.
The Sun inside me—
and, I was in the Sun.

‘With this ring’…

“You may now’…

Something kissed my brow.

The birds sang a Pronouncement:

“You are One with All.”

Pardon me now while I kiss
the sky.


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