Saying ‘yes’
to life
gives birth
to the Universe
inside us.

This unexpected
‘Creation’–it groans
and sighs…waiting

Continuously born anew
—gasping in wonder
—blissfully laughing and crying
—sorrow so deep
the flood gates
release the living pools inside.

Breaking open dams—
Lavishly forming
new channels,
IF willing,

the ‘vessels’ we are
from our ‘beginnings’
reach an ending.

Pouring freely—
pouring into
an open sea
widening the way

we start
again and again
moving beyond reach of the shore…


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  1. Joe Renn
    Joe Renn says:

    Merry Christmas, Sandy.
    I have appreciated your poetic gifts throughout the year.
    So happy to have made your acquaintance when we were in Ireland.
    Robin and I are still doing well here in SC.


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