You Won’t Believe This but…

You Won’t Believe This but…

You won’t believe this but…
a little girl with
long golden locks attempted to hide
each time her mother tried
to set them in rollers.
During the night the wild goddess
pulled them out.

She did not want her hair
draped over her nipples
as if to cover them…for shame.

The little girl
refused to get on the school bus.
She would not wear that dress.
No, the wild goddess wanted her
blue jeans and pastel t-shirts.

You don’t understand…let me explain
This little girl grew up believing she was
anything BUT a goddess—
yet, a Divine Goddess rocked her core.
She cut her locks
exposing her breasts to the sun.

Her skin was not smooth and soft
from scented perfumes…
No, it was kissed by golden rays
—burnt brown.

Her nails on neither
her hands nor her feet were painted.
The wild goddess
had nails chipped, cracked from
swinging on branches
packed with mud
from the earth’s floor.

I dreamed that…
Now it has BECOME real.
A vision of the goddess
wild, untamed,
splashing in pools

No longer listening to the voices
that say, ‘Oh, you’ve messed yourself
all up~~~go inside and change.’

No, this goddess is outside
for she has gone within.
Her roots spreading~~~
nurtured by the Source
of Creation itself.

They do not see you.
BUT, then again—THEY DO!
Illuminate the substance
of splendor spilling over
from within the recesses of
your heart.

And who will join me…
Will you…will you finally dance
free of fears?

Be who you are—
Yes, you beautiful, radiant goddess
arms so strong—
they carry heavy loads and
still they caress the tears of
the bereaved,
hold the broken ever so gently in
these same sturdy pillars.

I will walk the rocky mountains sowing seeds
and the GARDEN OF EDEN has
come once more…
maybe a first time.










Written and inspired at Skidmore College: Women’s Voices for (a) Change
under the wise tutelage of Poet, June Gould.

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  1. Maryann Conrad
    Maryann Conrad says:

    your poem “You Won’t Believe This But….” was not what I was expecting the story to be about. It was extremely touching. thank you


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