Your Name

Your Name

The piece of paper
turned…back & forth, up & down
could not hold
the immeasurable span
of feathered drapery.

At first,
hid-den by darkness
the ‘unseen’ broke the night.
The wings flapped in perfect balance.
A metronome
ticked in the silent
beat of creation.

The Universe seemed to stop breathing
or it was I
covering my mouth to conceal
the gasp of magnificence
as my eyes beheld
the night’s stalker.

I froze in time.
Matter and spirit on display
harmonizing a ‘piece’ that
for now was not finished.

A tiny bird woven into
a thicket—
The owl would not receive its prey,
NO, not this time.

For a moment we held
each other’s gaze.
It seemed an eternity
yet, it was only seconds.

Did the night hunter
think I, too, after the same morsel
as it flew into the ‘staged’ forest?

I heard a branch break
in the thick shrub.

for now
the tiny bird.

The pursuer
will return.

Hungry enough
it will be filled.

THEN, I thought of YOU
who no longer bears a name…

You, who calls me
from slumber
casts me in the night sky
and reveals to me what
day cannot portray.

You are the pursuer
and this night
I am carried in your
talons (unharmed).
I hear the chorus
in your outstretched arms.

I am lifted
wishing the stage I am in
could hold a moment longer.

The world plays-on
my breath—
inhale & exhale—
Yah-Weh, Yah-Weh, Yah-Weh.

Your name
without speaking a word

in my very breath.

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