Zacchaeus…The New Testament

Zacchaeus…The New Testament

I’m so small…all these people tower over me.
Hey…there’s a tree…it’s so beautiful—
it will let me climb her because she sees me as I am
and passes no judgement.
I only wish to ‘SEE’ him.
I’ve heard everything, but I want to see with my very own eyes.

There ‘he’ is…my heart feels something it never has…it’s beating and I
hear each tick, tock, lub, DUB—
I’m warm all over…my spirit feels like a branch attached
to this majestic tree.

Come Down‘…did I hear correctly?
Come Down Zacchaeus
he called my name.
Tears run down now over my cheeks…I have no control.
I’m not ashamed or intimidated.  Confused—‘maybe’
Yet, I feel such joy…

I’ll be eating with you today Zacchaeus

What will I serve?

Not to worry, he whispers…whatever we have.
We already are preparing for ‘communion’ even in this instance.
Come down now—
take my hand.

A banquet had—and from this day forward it has not ceased.

Now, whatever I collected…I’ve given back with more
and I seem now to always have ‘left overs.’
So, so you ask, why have I changed?

Let me tell you…how could I not.
Come—sit at my table—I have bread to share
wine to savor…

Life is surely a Table of Plenty.

“Differences bring us out of ourselves into a newer, fuller way of being human.”
                                                                                                         —Joan Chittister

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